Life in the city

My 3 year moveaversary is approaching this July and I thought “am I really a New Yorker?” Sure, I’ve been splashed head to toe by a cab turning the corner in the rain and I’ve ran after a bus in my heels with a coffee in hand. I have a local bar where I’ve befriended the bartenders. I’ve lived in a walk up, a doorman building AND a luxury building. I’ve survived a few blizzards, avoided the sunny sides of the streets and gotten accustomed to the smell of rotting garbage on the street. Putting on sunglasses to avoid eye contact regardless of the weather has also become habit. Wearing a color other than black? Forget about it.

I feel like I’ve become a New Yorker in the ways I’ve always pictured New Yorkers to act/be but then I realize there’s a chunk that I’m missing. I’ve never taken a few of the subway lines. I’ve never been to a gala. I’ve never seen an outdoor movie or done yoga in the park. There are lots of neighborhoods I haven’t visited. Not to mention that I’ve still never had a cronut.

These are my stories as I strive to get to know the city more (and avoid the tourists of course).


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